In the picture is not a Vestal Virgin and her lover. It’s me with the teacher of the charming canadian students I had this afternoon at the Roman Forum.

In front of Vestas’temple, I asked for two volonteers to play a Vestal  and her lover. I din’t say, on purpose, that those priestesses of the ancient Rome were more exactly called Vestal Virgins. Therefore, a Vestal Virgin’s lover was in a very unconfortable position. A girl and a boy came, both of them good looking and happy to play in a beautiful love story. When I told them which was the punishement for a Vestal Virgin who was not  a virgin anymore, they looked much less happy.

Few things disappoint me more than arrogant and impolite young people. Few things give me more joy than to see nice and polite young people like my canadian students of this afternoon!