Today I did a pristine Vatican, which means to start the visit of the Vatican Museums at 7,30 am! You are amply rewarded for this early wake up beacause there is no crowd and clients can  look at the Sixtine Chapel in decent conditions.  Furthermore, people who accept to wake up very early to see a museum are often motivated and polite. So were my clients today, a very charming american family with a young son who was interested and asked intelligent questions. According to my experience, many clients expect to have a polite, intelligent and motivated guide, but they seem quite convinced that they are not supposed to be the same.

Each wednesday the Pope gives an audience in Saint Peter’s square, but you need an invitation for that. To get one you can go to the Porta di Bronzo (looking at Saint Peter, on the right side of the colonnade) and you ask to the swiss gard if he still has some invitation. My clients were lucky enough to find three for this wednesday. They seemed very happy and I was happy for them!

Conclusion: if you are a tourist, try to buy an entrance at 7,30 for the Vatican Museums. If you are a guide, try to find nice clients like mines.