To discover Rome with Vittorio was a magnificent experience! Certain locks become magical, each fountain reveals a saga, each alley a fragment of history, every church an allegory. Essentially, Vittorio is both fascinated and fascinating.

His passion isn’t solely Italian, but also artistic. Those who have walked alongside him one afternoon in « 18th century Paris », or rediscovered 1000 years of France’s history in Saint Denis will understand the feeling.

First and foremost, Vittorio is a charming travel companion, one of these slightly eccentric guides who you instantly want to befriend.

Pierre de B.

 Vittorio is truly passionate about his craft and gives the “why” (reasoning, insight & justification) for the things you see during his tour. 

Hayden A.

More than once I have had the pleasure of attending one of Vittorio’s conference-visits, both in his original and adopted home-town. I particularly enjoyed the combination of humour and seriousness which he is characterised by. His tours are made unique by his ability to transmit a wealth of knowledge with a touch of personal insight. The groups of the ‘Venez and Voyez’ organisation who had the pleasure of attending his tours, have kept fond memories of the moments shared with such a unique and charming individual.